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MamanKangourou Doll Carrier-
MamanKangourou Doll Carrier
The doll carrier is specially designed for children. Easy to use and made of the same fabric as our slings, your little one will enjoy being able to carry their favourite doll or stuffed toy like mommy and daddy do with baby!

Available in 4 colours (sky blue, bubblegum, lilac and apple), in either wrap or pouch.  Pouch is available in sizes 0-3 years and 3-5 years.

Please contact us if the product you want is not in stock, so we can order it for you!

Size & Colour:Wrap-Sky Blue
Wrap-Apple (out of stock - on backorder)
Pouch (0-3)-Sky Blue
Pouch (0-3)-Bubblegum
Pouch (3-5)-Lilac
Pouch (3-5)-Apple

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